Please make your bets. Dax in a put situation

Moin from Hamburg

as described in detail in the TC24 live trading room, the DAX is in a put situation (grey area) on a daily basis. There are many arguments for rising (e.g. interest rate cut USA) but also for falling prices - both chart technical and fundamental. The next few days will tell us more where the journey is heading. Perhaps the recently opened reporting season for US companies will provide the necessary impulses.

Dax prices above 12,400-12,440 significantly increase the chances of further increases, even long term. On the other hand, if the Dax closes below 12,300 points (end of day), the first profit target is the support line at 12,189.

Despite the good volatility on an intraday basis, daily traders should wait until the Dax is leaving the grey zone.

Good trades!


Gruess Gott from South of Germany :) and great analysis. As often patience required to wait for sufficient clarity. The direction doesn't look clear yet what you think?
@ffr, wenn ich das nur wissen würde ;) Es gibt gute Argumente für einen Ausbruch in beide Richtungen. Vielleicht ist eine Fed-Zinssenkung um 0,5% Ende des Monats der entscheidende Impuls
Moin hahaha
Cool channels buddy!