Psychology. Traps. The reason and the possibility of pump +8200%

HITBTC:DCNETH   Dentacoin / Ethereum
I made the trading idea about this coin about trading in the channel this afternoon, and I remembered the miracles on the roller coaster of 2.5 years ago on this coin. After all, such games rarely come across in the market to leave such a colorful mark in memories. You do not often see pumps at 19 and 82 x, after accumulating 88 and 100 days. The numbers are not random. Pumping was with an acceptable volume for such a coin.

In my opinion, the project is scam, well, like everything in the crypto world. I absolutely do not believe in anything. I have only cold calculation in trading. No sympathy for scam. In my opinion, all crypto projects including everyone’s favorite “anonymous”, “decentralized” “Beethoven” are frauds, making real money thanks to stupid bidders. But, in addition to “making money” for those who believe that without doing anything, you can become a millionaire. I think the naive point of view is that the "big brother" wants to make all the poor and lazy people millionaires. But they believe in it, because they themselves are such. This faith and inaction will lead to sad consequences. In addition to making money on fools, the crypto market carries more interesting tasks. Which, in case of success of the experiment, will become a reality and the poor will become even poorer, states will receive unlimited power and control.

But, let's get back to this coin. The legend of the project is Blockchain's solution for the global dental industry. The legend, unlike other promising projects, is supported by the principle: “Someday we will turn the mountains”, at least by their activity. Confuses a large number of blocked coins. Which at the time of "X" can bring down the price on all exchanges to zero. Therefore, this coin is not for holding, but for speculation from a good entry point to the planned exit or exit from certain situations in the market. By the way, not one "holder" could not sell not only on the 80X pump, but in general I doubt that 2-3X even on the accumulation price, although I can be mistaken, as after the pump I did not monitor the transaction. Why, I will describe below.

I started trading this coin in late October or early November 2017. Started by accident. On another exchange, I fell into the "trap" that was made on this coin. A book of orders, the entire history of purchases / sales and the trades themselves in the market with bait were also very cleverly made, but here one zero in the price was superfluous. So in a second I remember about $ 600-700 evaporated. I began to understand, I understood what was happening, well, what happened, what happened. By the way, this case in the future made a lot of money, as this action began to be used en masse at one time mainly on exchanges such as Binance and HitBtc when listing coins. Each manipulation against you, with the correct understanding of the essence of the work, can be turned into a weapon against the manipulator.

Everyone can be wrong, including you. Your mistakes are an invaluable experience.

So the initial acquaintance with this coin was not very pleasant for me, but very useful for work in the future. Then I found where this coin is being traded with great liquidity and without "surprises." It turned out the HitBtc exchange. It was evident from the work on the coin that someone on this exchange was gaining a position on this asset. I quietly started to do it too. Immediately in my work I had not a small amount, but when I understood everything what was being done and on what scale, I substantially added money. Every day +10 20% to part of the position. Not a coin, but a cash cow. Paradoxically, no one wrote about this coin anywhere in the chats, including the exchange’s trobox. It was a taboo.

I will say this, this pump at first at 1900% then at 8200% for the majority of those who stuck to this instrument of trading was a big disappointment. Before the growth, after 1.5-2 months of work in accumulation with strong volatility , I increased the initial amount of entry many times. Traded inside the day. At first I copied the actions of the “major player”, but when my position on the coin grew decently - teamwork through numbers. The work is clear, not complicated, without risk.

But the elephant climbed into the market and began to tear down the walls. Perhaps this "elephant" was this major player or the exchange itself. At first, we wanted to keep the price from rising in order to keep the price in the corridor. But nothing came of it. Money forces were not equal.

The biggest disappointment is when about 70% of the position was thwarted by + 300%. I didn’t think that it was possible, as the position was not small, that’s buying + 300% as an obvious not healthy thing. But what happened, it happened. but then the price was pumped up + 1900%

All further price movements I had to work with those coins that remained. It is good that the high price gave a larger spread, and therefore more freedom to manipulate work within the day. Played by what was left. Gradually increasing the number of coins on rising prices. At any moment I could leave the market, like any exit price - for me there was already a profit. Above + 1000% of the accumulation zone the game stopped, I already had enough. That and the liquidity to work a large amount was not there already, the games began for the schedule, but not for earnings . Then the green light is very greedy and stupid people.

Be less greedy than other people and as a result you will be richer than other people.

Let me remind you that the price soared by more than + 8000%. Why did this happen? Why did manage to raise the price? Why were there mostly inadequate buyers, but no sellers? There are several reasons, I will partially describe what happened so that you see similar manipulations in the future and know what to do and what not to do. By the way, similar manipulations are now happening on some coins, I won’t write the name, how it will look like an advertisement. I don’t need that. But, or will they be able to repeat this? More likely no than yes.

1) "Killing faith" in a long downtrend. 88 days from the day of listing. The course is just down. (but only for the hamster).

The main thing is to "kill faith" below, "give faith above." In the market, as a rule, those who in the “non-faith” phase say that they do not believe in perspective, in the “faith” phase they will most likely acquire. The world is cyclical, events go in cycles, the flow of the crowd is cyclical, the thinking of the governed lends itself to cycles.

2) Manipulation of the exchange with dcn / eth and dcn / btc pairs. This was the most important manipulation of the discharge of passengers. It was not possible to lower the price; nobody wanted to sell. They were not going to leave even at + 30% and above. In order to strengthen the dump, they announced a delist from the exchange of the dcn / btc pair.

It’s not the understanding of people that they really do not affect the price movement, but are just fuel in someone else’s game, which makes them this fuel for movement.

Whoever had a big position and the corresponding amount of BTC for the terrible visual presentation for hamsters put up walls pouring in them every time a huge sales volume with a gradual price rushing. At that time, the exchange blocked specifically on several days coins on the exchange’s account with many traders. But the panic sat on. Everyone wanted to leave the market, because it was very painful to watch how the price goes down. But they could not do anything, as for "technical reasons" the exchange blocked coins. But major market participants (perhaps the "exchange itself") held the idea of ​​"killing the faith."

3) Bad news in front of the pump. There were a lot of big transfers to the exchange from wallets, many holders also surrendered ... Let me remind you the input / output was opened, but the trading account on this coin was blocked due to the fact that the dcn / btc pair will be delisting soon (those with orders were in this pair). Then, just before the delist of one of the DCN / BTC pairs, when the price dropped significantly by the game, all the accounts of the "traders" were unlocked. Naturally, everyone tried to sell on the market, because soon they would not sell where, as on the other pair there was no liquidity at all. Those who bought up naturally put up weak buy orders, so that hamsters had no hope of a price reversal.

A well-run crowd works like one very stupid person.

The interesting thing is the psychology of the crowd. I’m sure who sold “To get out at any price” after less than 3 weeks they bought from + 1000% and probably many people really got apathy for trading and a feeling of “lost profit” when the price during the pump reached + 8200% (82x) . It is probably painful to realize when you sell at a loss at the lowest price before the pump, and after such a short time you see such an increase.

4) Closed the input / output of coins before pumping coins naturally for "technical reasons". So no holder, with the exception of those who transferred coins to the exchange during the dump and did not have time to sell, could not use this pumped. Holders as always in flight ..

The more stupid a society is, the higher the percentage of earnings in it is for those who are smarter. Do not be one of many, be one among many.

5) After a while, the pair that was delisted from the exchange - DCN / BTC appeared again on the exchange.

6) Good news when pumping. On Twitter , the developers published the news in the manner: “DCN is the last hope of mankind” or “DCN will become the new Bitcoin” and similar nonsense in this spirit. In telegram chats, a similar FUD was also widely used. But the news has never moved or moved the price, they always move with money. News without money does not work. True, the crowd is convinced of the opposite.

6) The first pump at 1900% (19X). So called "Hamster Pump", but my tongue does not turn + 1900% to call a hamster pump. But in this situation on this coin it was. I think any sane would go out without slowing down at such a price increase.

  Then, after this pump, another pump happened, from the accumulation zone + 8200%. There were definitely no passengers on this pump anymore, therefore it was possible to raise the price in such a way by buying out own orders and making appearances of trade by luring hamsters.

Your first enemy is a lack of experience and knowledge. Your second enemy is greed and a sense of lost profits.

7) The presence of a lot of money from those who controlled the price. Without a good amount, this was not possible. You also need to consider that in addition to money ( btc ), it was necessary to have DCN coins "two or three bags" in order to direct the price. I think you understand who in this situation is the biggest player and initially has the most coins. Without an initially large position, it is very difficult for a trader to accumulate a large position in a short time, although in exceptional cases it is possible.

8) A clear, thoughtful, phased work plan for the manipulators in advance. Good knowledge of the psychology and thinking of the crowd.

This is an old thing, but it is possible for the conscious work and understanding of what is happening in reality in the bidding you will find this information useful. I think you understand that the exchange itself is partially involved in this manipulation. I do not think that exchanges will no longer sin by such manipulations. Be careful, be smart, don't be a herd.

If you understand what is happening in the trade - take part in the trade, if you do not understand - watch from the side.

I wish you all productive study and great profit in trade.
Comment: More than + 1100% exactly at the level of 12313 This is how it will be in one moment with 4 highly liquid instruments, with one you can say in a moment.

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