What is going on with Digibyte?

I have an open trade on digibyte.Digibyte pulled some expected moves
not negatively but postively.But I want to know why.What's going on.

In this idea were going to talk about what may have caused digibyte to lit very greenly
is this a sign of a new rally.Why did my other idea on digibyte didn't go as expected.

I was analyzing the weekly chart of digibyte ,I have encounterd something interesting.
What if the we are in the middle of a rally that started in march and now it's finishing the last touches.
That would explain a lot

In this picture you see the elloit 5 waves
The first wave was very short so that's why wave 5 was extended that explains why digibyte was lit very greenly
and do you remember that drop from 500 sats to around 310 sats I do. Do know what caused it?
The correction of wave 2 to was short and retraced not a lot.
It when from 283 sats to 250 sats and compared to the drop from (wave 4) 500 sats to 310 region.
Next time remember when a correction is over very fast and the rally resume you know there is a deep retrace coming.If we resume and this rate 700 sats doesn't sound strange in the ears.Let's see and wait
Taking profits on the way never hurst(mostly)

I will keep you update daily

Trade active: Digibyte 700 sats it's very probally now ,maybe it even let's see and wait
Comment: Well we hit close as 689 sats,
Digibyte will go back to the 300 sats region.
The retrace is imment.The first drop would take us around 430 sats
I will keep you updated
Trade closed manually: I will give you a sign when there is
serious movement again


A big exchange, partner , fund or investor is buying. Not a whale or pump or dump. This is strategic
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Sir_DURZO CaptBlackBeard
@TommyDeBrry, Thx for the info ,Things could get interesting
@Sir_DURZO, See how coinbase added coins today,? I'm sure once binnace adds DGB it will meet the rest of the criteria for liquidity
It might be perfect to slowly start get into train, of course watch out on local correction if it will take place..
what is going on ? we are riding wave 3 (last two candles on your chart)

it is wave 3 in bigger wave 3 in major wave 3

if you want take a look at my latest idea of DGb and you will know what is going on..

DGB didn't gave iOS and android wallets yet. So this behave is very promising for time when they will release it.
Sir_DURZO damdamm
@damdamm, I have saw your idea,you sure seems to have great hopes for dgb.I'm a long term holder digibyte so I'm not that startled yet.
Maybe when dgb is hovering around the 2000 sats will I be getting sweaty palms .But if you saying the last to candels are wave 3
where the volume because look at this :"Wave 3 usually generates the most volume and price movement" my wave 3 fits the description but your not yet at least
only time will tell

damdamm Sir_DURZO
@Sir_DURZO, I mean from 228-529 wave 1 then from 529 to 300 wave 2 and now we started 3. Things still have chance to develop price action and volume as it is not over and till now it is great behavior.
cheerock damdamm
@damdamm, I just install Android wallet for DGB, working very well!
damdamm cheerock
@cheerock, cool ;) It is beta version so cool.. :) There is iOs wallet on the way.