Digibyte a sleeping giant ,Can we make giant profits?

Digibyte is a strong trade ,your bond to make profits in return you need patience.

After the rally april/may which made around the 100% profits if you managed to catch the ride.
Can we repeat a similiar thing ,I think so here are my reasons:

look at the first two channels are green, after the channeling is done
there is breakout that carries good profits

Also the channels very a like.Their resembles is uncanny

Can the last channel repeat what the tho other channels did .
I hope so, we got good indication for that.The bollinger bands is constricting(the volatility of the chart is low) which is really a good sign the uptrend is trend is not far away. The breakout isn't that far.
On the rsi you see also the pattern playing out.

I'm confident that we will make good profts with this trade
I will give you the likely targets tommorow.

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Until next time ,
Yours trully,

Comment: My likely target about 80% profit not bad
were not done yet I believe

I will update you if anything changes
Comment: Update for digibyte

Another alternative for digibyte

It's looks grim I know,

I will conform in a short while if this idea becomes a reality.
We may have a lower low, you could use as an indication
if digibyte hits around 390 sats and starts going down.That means wave E will start shortly
Comment: My channeling idea isn't yet just updated
Comment: Correction:
I mean my channeling idea isn't dead yet just slight altered
Comment: Wave D will start soon,Digibyte will be green again for a shortwhile before
the drop
Will keeep you updated
Comment: look at that ,digibyte beautifully green ,exit 410-13 sats.
Wave E will then start shortly then.
A drop that would take us to 240 maybe even 220 sats.
Be aware of that.That lovely is green is dangerous
Comment: A big update:
Sorry that I couldn't update this yesterday ,
I had to solve some things.

Look at this indicator I made called innocence
what you you noticed?

what I notice is:
the white one, if above the supportline the purple , the price is very heigh compared if the white one is under the purple line.The red one is very interesting because it will give you a clear indication when to buy.Very crucial advantage.
I will show more picture so that you can better understand

hopefully you understand better now what my message is.

Do not yet buy digibyte unless if you want to be the bag holder

tommorrow or perhaps even earlier a brandnew update
Comment: A correction a little mistakes I made
Comment: everthing is going as planned
,no suprises yet,
we won't go much higher ,wave D is pretty much complete ,
the drop will come shortly
Comment: Wave D isn't don't yet but soon it will be completed.
I wouldn't like to stick by when the drop happens.
Digibyte will be green but that will be short lived.Be aware of that
Comment: well wave D has been gotten quite long
but nonetheless we heading to wave E

I will present another idea on digibyte shortly.
But let's see how well this idea will idea will hold out against dgb
Comment: Was this only abc correction not and abcde correction hmmmm,that would be interesting.I will keep you updated daily on this one.But it's not early to speak of a new rally
Comment: Uhhm ,I'm confllicted whith this one.
Perhaps a new rally started or wave D Is just over extended
and it's fooling us to hop in and fall immediately afterwards to wave E.

Another another explanation could be it was And ABC correction and NOT ABDCDE correction.Which is totally fine if that happend I will give then My targets shortly.

There is another possibility that is also probally even logical once you know what to look for.It will get an new brand Idea.

I haven't abandon this idea,I will still updated but you need to have a back up one when things go not as expected
Trade closed manually: BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM
I didn't expected this but yeah
nonetheless it's great.
Can we rule ABDCDE correction out that's now certain
perhaps it was an abc correction.
But the question is why ,what may caused it
I will discuss that in my new idea of digibyte
Trade closed manually: See my new idea for digibyte