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Doge is the biggest bag i own in crypto and is waiting for 1400 sats

on 8th may seems to be the date when the trend-line meets the 10.618 perfectly

the previous top was also nailed perfectly by the 10.618
i spent all my BTC at the dip to buy more doge

currently doge is sitting at the 666 Satoshis just like my TV follower count :) thats funny..

doge is crawling up printing a ascending triangle .. once we break through the resistance this should explode

Comment: I am really considering to just hold on to doge.
the hype is real there is no coin more spoken about currently.
it definitely deserves to be #2 coin next to Bitcoin

it is almost #5 no overtaking Tether any moment..
XRP is a scam and will prolly dump soon after the SEC hearing. that makes it #4

only BNB and mETH left..

my prediction is Doge at 4.20 USD by end of year. #2 in marketcap.

mETH and BNB will fight for the 3rd spot.

Comment: Doge doing really well and has an incredible momentum currently being the most talked about coin in the world.

we broke out from the ATH resistance and currently on a green TD 8 vs BTC chart and TD 9 on USDT chart..

So now that we broke out we should see it going to new highs. How high before the next correction is the question. because i can see some bearish divergence building on the RSI as it is not really catching up with the price yet and we also see that we are at the end of the TD sequence. Are we gonna se a 1-4 candle correction before a new sequence or we simply start a new one? Both are possible of course but the bearish divergence should make us cautious.

Option 1 we go see the 2.618 after which we come down again to create support on the 1.618 before a bigger move towards the 1 dollar.
Option 2 the rising wedges on the images below are playing out. I made these chart quite self explanatory so have a good look and read this info carefully and multiple times if you don’t understand. let it sink in.

USDT chart: i can see that the diagonal trend-line and the vertical line (SNL 8may event) as well as a weekly & monthly pivots are pointing to the 2.618 as a logical short term target.
the red lines are showing the bearish divergence.
the blue and green lines (also dotted ones) are weekly and monthly pivot points.

BTC chart:
here i see much more information. i can see a rising wedge correlating with the 10.618 as a potential short term top. using the fib retracement from the lows to the 10.618 target i can see the golden pocket points exactly to the little gap we created last night being so bullish. yet the target of the wedge would technically rather be the 0.786 in this case and would mark the best buy back opportunity. I will layer my limit orders inside the golden pocket (0.618-0.650) and all the way down as well to the 786.

because this update is quite a new idea and roadmap I will also publish a new doge idea with this same info. Therefore I recommend to follow the new idea as new updates will be made there rather than here.
Comment: very good news to all dogecoin holders! the hash ribbon on the daily gave a buy signal again.. explosive move ahead!!!


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