DOGE/BTC - time to get back in - falling wedge & strong support

BINANCE:DOGEBTC   Dogecoin / Bitcoin
DOGE/ BTC is currently in a month-long falling wedge and very close to the tip of the pattern which is usually the best time to buy before a breakout.
We can also see it test the previous downtrend resistance which ranges all the way back to May 2019 and now acts as support, you can get a better view of it in Guapeva's analysis which you can find here:

The 25-29 sats range has been a zone of very strong support in the past and combined with the symmetrical triangle on the USDT pair that is showing signs of a slow breakout this leads me to believe that we'll see a proper breakout soon.

Here's my DOGE/USDT analysis which shows the symmetrical triangle: