DXY H4 - Break or Bounce?

TVC:DXY   U.S. Dollar Currency Index
Been watching this sucker like a hawk. Was waiting for the retest and break of green support line at 96.2 area. As suspected DXY broke.

Now awaiting a retest of that lower red TL. Break or bounce?
Comment: As predicted with FMOC, DXY dropped like it was hot... Respected 50% fib level and just went. Full send by the looks of it xD
Comment: Looks like a fake out and now DXY to the mooooooon!
Comment: Price has continued to respect my trendlines. Fib needs adjusting as I believe the fib you see is now irrelevant. DXY to 96 (perhaps a touch lower 95.8) before rejecting off that strong support TL again and upwards to it's final destination of 100. Once DXY hits 100, it will most likely fall out of the sky.