DXY price action psychological support and resistance setup

TVC:DXY   U.S. Dollar Currency Index
Presented is my 1 hr chart set up for DXY based off support and resistance .

As you can see I target whole numbers that play true in psychological zones. I sentiment a bull push to target 90.200 and then 90.500 with a push to breach for continuation.

Indicators are current towards a bull run as MADC?SIGNAL is correlating high volume with lines crossing in the zero line zone. RSI slow movement with high volume close outs is positive sentiment towards continuation into the overbought zone.

Through a fundamental point of view COVID-19 dwindling and summer in the air, consumer spending is going to soar while the hermits will be inevitably forced to search for jobs. The domino effect of increase spending will play out as entertainment will grease the the rust off establishments that create tourism and events.

Please comment with your thoughts and ideas about the future trend direction. Thank you.