Dollar going from strength to strength...

TVC:DXY   U.S. Dollar Currency Index
As Westpac puts it, the Dollar is effectively in a win-win situation, as it retains a firm underlying bid when sentiment turns bearish due to heightened concerns about the adverse impacts of this so called Delta variant, but also during periods of less anxiety and when attention switches back to the more hawkish-leaning FOMC alongside risks that inflation may not be transitory.

Hence, Buck bulls are eager to buy into any dips and apparently getting increasingly impatient given ascending lows and highs in the index to 93.194 so far off a 92.951 base compared to 93.172-92.799 and 93.041-92.627 ranges yesterday and on Monday respectively.

Looking ahead, only weekly MBA mortgage applications are scheduled on the US data front, but Usd 24 bn 20 year issuance seems to be in focus as Treasury yields back up pretty sharply and the curve flips into re-steepening mode.
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