TVC:DXY   U.S. Dollar Currency Index
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We Will Add Fundamental Ideas Also But For Now Focus On Technical Analyze .

Let's Start With 4W Chart :

Sometimes Basic Things Can Play Big Role On Your Prediction So Please Focus On HH/HL Of Chart . This Stage Can't Go Higher Than 120.128 And For Now Got Heavy Rejection From 102.992 . Double Top Formation Worked But Still Not Finished . Personally Waiting Next Bearish Impulse To Enter Next Stage .

- RSI : Already Under 50 Point
- MAcd : About TO Confirm " M " Formation

1D Chart :

If We Are Going TO Break 94.422 Point We Will See Quick And Impulsive Movement To 94.472 .
We See Red Candle At The Moment But We Can Take Power Between 92.628 - 91.796 Range .
RSI : Bearish Divergence

4H Chart :

Pattern Needs To Break Maximum End Of The July

In Conclusion :

Personally I'm Very Bullish On DXY But After Fed's Falcon Talks We Sow Some Bullish Impulse . In A Bigger Picture Its Clear That We Are Going To Do LL And Double Top Is Our HH For This Stage . In A Short Term We Can See Dump And Pump But In A Mid Term Bat Formation Is Our Maximum Point Where We Can Touch . Its Hard To Predict Time In TA But Chart Says That 31 August Our Final Day Or Nearest .

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