Support/Resistance EBON & Inflation

NASDAQ:EBON   Ebang International Holdings Inc
It's been said Bitcoin could be a hedge for inflation ..... digital gold ...Whatever the case, crypto stocks and miners could be something to keep in mind. EBON has gotten beaten up pretty good and is back at the historic support/resistance level. IF the inflation speculation is accurate, it'll be interesting to see if the stock can firmly break back above this level.

"Ebang is considered a relatively pure-play cryptocurrency stock as hot produces circuit chips and crypto mining machines in China. Both of these items are in high demand right now, coupled with a major shortage. Because of this, many investors are bullish on the future of the tech industry, and specifically with crypto mining companies like EBON stock. With this in mind, is EBON worth adding to your list of penny stocks to watch?"

Quote Source: Best Penny Stocks to Buy Ahead Of Inflation? 3 To Watch Right Now