Same formation as previous breakout -

NASDAQ:ENPH   Enphase Energy, Inc
Update- See previous charts below- ( ICLN & TAN charts below as well)
Just posting a quick update as I just noticed this, almost the same exact formation and trend now as the weeks preceding ENPH's last run-
All previous price targets reached and the gap on the upside has been filled. However, am very bullish on ENPH here. Would like to see ENPH start to outperform the solar installation companies such as RUN NOVA etc. nonetheless, ENPH sitting right on the 200day EMA , yet again acting as a strong support level . Additionally, interesting to note that where the previous symmetrical triangle on ENPH converged acted as strong support where ENPH took a nice bounce. Some support and resistance levels along with some RSI-Based supply and demand levels to keep an eye on- Bullish and looking for a breakout - See previous charts below as well as charts on ICLN & TAN
- 20-day RSI EMA cross (not pictured)