SPY Setting up for a bounce soon

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Once there was a guy who talked about an outcome that nobody believed in. He was laughed at and ridiculed for his ideas. He tried to explain his point of view, but people dismissed him and thought he was foolish. However, he remained persistent in his beliefs and continued to speak about his theory. Then one day, something happened that proved him right, and suddenly, nobody was laughing anymore. They realized that they had been wrong and that the guy had been right all along. The guy's persistence and belief in his ideas had paid off, and he was now recognized for his unique and innovative thinking.

Oh wait. That guy is me.

We're likely going to bounce soon, though. Look at the fib measurements I'm providing in this chart. We tapped the 100% extension perfectly. This does look wave 3-ish so be cautiously optimistic. I discussed 3900 in a recent video as well. Well, here we are. Almost 150 points lower from my previous idea that I shared here that was laughed at.

But seriously - look at that perfect bounce off the 100. Probably just a bounce, but a bounce will come overnight, then tomorrow when NFP is released... we'll see if this is a wave 3 or not.

CE - BitDoctor
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