An "optimistic" approach

BINANCE:ETHBTC   Ethereum / Bitcoin
Upon the announcement of Project Optimism, the 2 layer scaling solution to Ethereum , it's time to start picking up ether (if you havent already started). This is a great time to trade against crypto pairs, as the projected benefits from the L2 solution will greatly increase ETH's valuation relatively against crypto pairs.

On a slightly related note, I will be lightly reducing my bnbeth position to allow for some fall back in the event that other smart contract pairs do not follow the same move HOWEVER given BNB's fantastic stability at it's currently levels, I am fairly confident .13 is the floor for that pair.

Initial targets: 0.036 (current month candle close if bullish )
also dont stress about falling below 0.03 IF that happens. clear shakeout to scare retail out of a dank trade.

Comment: extended target 0.042
Comment: entry moved to .028

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