More upside for ETH trying to catch-up with BTC (target = 0.500)

COINBASE:ETHBTC   Ethereum / Bitcoin
ETHBTC is a great leading indicator to determine the direction of the major crypto's.

This chart clearly shows more upside for ETH at the expense of BTC .

Given the big surges in BTC lately and the relative consolidation of ETH it is to be expected that ETH will try to move up in sympathy.

Bottomline: ETH is the crypto where we expect inflows and thus a price increase.

First target is 0. 40 , then 0.50.


Looks like it started trading sideways against BTC. Not going up.
xtrader1 BillMeyer
@BillMeyer, bias is still to the upside. This whole futures-trading introduction thing will be used to justify some wild volatility in my opinion. This chart tells me what the predominant direction will be (BTC down, ETH up). The million dollar question is when.

I think BTC has some business to take care of at the upper side of the current range first:

BillMeyer xtrader1
@xtrader1, MACD seems to be at the bottom. So judging by MACD Eth should be making a run for it upward. But... BTC have surprised as many a time and taken all the oxygen out of the ALTS.