we are preparing for an attempt to reverse the month

This week, as the middle of the month passes, you can prepare for an attempt to reverse not only the altos but also the tops. In particular, the broadcast with the opening of the new month went according to a negative scenario for a retest of 1750-1600 under the pressure of a cue ball. But at the moment, the sales period is coming to an end and from tomorrow we can expect an increase in buyer activity. In an optimistic scenario, the goal will be to close the half-year above the strong levels of 2100-2250. That would ensure growth in the second half of the year.
I still expect the continuation of growth in the eth/btc pair to the area of 0.1. After the currently drawn lower shadow on the monthly candle, there is also a high probability of the candle turning bullish with trend consolidation. That is, according to the general picture, I expect a new wave of falling bitcoin dominance.
As part of the upcoming growth wave, it is possible to make top-ups on the most oversold coins such as uft vib pros for cvp wtc ooki dock perl pnt asr atm torn. Oax epx fida amb snm fio pivx burger, which are well suited for scalping, also came to powerful supports with the potential of rollbacks up to 50-70%+. - тренды 100%+ на споте ежедневно