We passed the sluggish middle of the block. we are preparing for

Starting tomorrow, the last month of the current quarter opens, I think it's worth summarizing the interim results and assessing the prospects. This month was extremely sluggish, because it is central in the quarter and there was a struggle for the direction for the second half of the quarter. After passing through the middle of the quarter, we saw a significant breakthrough in the dominance of the altos and an attempt to move to growth on the air. In the medium term, the dynamics are quite good, because the current monthly candle shows the predominance of purchases on the ether, which with a high probability can become a signal for purchases until the end of the quarter and, accordingly, the first half of the year with the opening of a new semi-annual candle with growth.
In an optimistic scenario, a new monthly will open above 1850, which will lead to an increase in the area of 2500 within a month or two. When opening below 1850 in the new month, there is a possibility of a deeper pullback on the quarterly and semi-annual schedule with test attempts of 1750 and 1600, which will significantly complicate the situation, but so far the probability of this is significantly inferior.
So far, I continue to closely monitor uft vib pros for cvp wtc ooki dock perl pnt asr atm, where the largest number of unprocessed targets remain. Transferring some coins to the innovation zone, as I assumed, is a common speculation, immediately followed by a buy-off on drep with the development of goals and significant activity of buyers on perl and pnt. After trading, I think perl will show no less interesting dynamics than drep with an attempt to test the 0.06-75 range, as soon as the ground appears against the background of the growth of the dominance of altos or ether. The transfer from the launchpad zone to the innovative one, in my opinion, is an increase in the status for the token. According to torn, there is also a series of speculations in my opinion, in order to throw off the crowd and hold the violas at the bottom, which requires negative rumors and examples. While technical goals remain up to $ 17-21, I continue to hold positions on it.
They are inferior in potential, but they have come to powerful epx front gft amb supports that can show an increase of up to 70-100%. They are also approaching supports with possible rebounds up to 40-60% wing akro srm farm snm fis om vite hard voxel df.
In the new month, I expect the growth of the eth/btc pair to continue in the area of 0.100-125. That is, attempts to increase the ether even in the case of a cue ball going to retest 21-22.5K. But it is still difficult to say whether the growth of the ether will help the violas break away from the cue ball. - тренды 100%+ на споте ежедневно