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Hi mate - this looks cool. Can i have access to check it out? :)
@PRO_Indicators hi Phil. have you noticed the small inverse H&S pattern developing in BTC? btc is currently testing the neckline at 7750. pattern potential looks to be around 8.4k.
PRO_Indicators WolfpackCrypto
@WolfpackCrypto, very small one but yeah I saw that indeed. We'll see if this is activated and more importantly if the eventual breakup is followed thru
this is the time I would have to disagree with Phil. the bears are clearly losing their grip on the market. they have lost their lower low when the market failed to break Feb 6th low. Yes were still in a major bear trend as we have failed to make higher highs, however, bullish momentum is picking up on the daily as confirmed bullish cross over on the MACD. If you look also going back the last 3 years it has always been smart to buy bitcoin on any drops where it falls below the 100 day MA and when the RSI is near 30. I know TA you're supposed to ignore fundamentals, but with so much positive sentiment coming in 2018 with more interest from larger institutional traders I can only think market is going up. I would recommend buying anywhere between 6k to 7k for sure for long term holders. For speculators you have to listen to Phil and wait for the next sharp drop as you missed the 7k bottom on this wave.
Hey,just discovered you on TV, great analysis and thanks for creating videos, much more insightful way for noobs to learn...cheers m8