Elon-mania - How long can cryptos be hyped?

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What an extraordinary time we live in! In less than 2 months Elon Must managed to change the crypto world. With the power of a tweet, he managed to double his crypto assets value. And he is not getting a sizable fine! If any of my dear readers remember, last time he performed a similar stunt tweeting about taking Tesla private, he received a $20m fine for market manipulation.

So, anyone curious why Elon is changing the world for the better with cryptos? What's in it for him? Here is an interesting thought experiment proposed from a couple of my followers from California, USA. Follow the money. We sat down in a social distant manner in web meeting and ran some numbers.

Tesla purchased $1.5b worth of BTC in January. There was not a single purchase order of that size. Actually, nowhere near it. Therefore it must have been a slow constant acquisition not to spike volumes or get whales suspicious. We traced steady volumes Dec-Jan and it is very likely that Tesla was slowly purchasing BTC around 24-26k mark. That would have bought Tesla about 60k BTC . We highly doubt that Elon would even mention BTC while Tesla was purchasing not to spike the price. That means that purchase was complete by the time Elon added his famous #Bitcoin. Check the dates and run the numbers 😉

So what's in it for Elon? 60k BTC as of this morning was worth in a ballpark of $2.9b, basically doubling the asset value for Tesla (Elon). Well played, just surprised he is not getting $1.5b fine for this 😂

How about ETH? It is difficult to say today's market's reaction, however, all assets are widely overpriced. That should spell a retrace.
Today's technicals: Position is short. Forecasted highs are at 1900 unclear of any limits. There seems to be a resistance forming at 1815. Mid-way point now moving to 1680. Forecasted lows at 1630 and unlikely to drop below 1600.
Don't forget that technical data renders useless against people irrational behaviour. Stay vigilant and change to Long in case market shifts direction.

Have fun trading! 🤑