ETH: projection for April / May 2021

ETH is in consolidation after a strong rally towards 2500$. At the moment I expect the correction to continue towards the high liquidity zone; retest it as support and off we wil go towards new highs. For the short term; I am short on ETH and for the long term; LONG. Not much more to add here, lets see how this projection will play out...

IMPORTANT: this is not financial advice, trade or invest based on your own risk and research.
ETH UPDATE: Ethereum is doing suprisingly well even though BTC is dumping. I think we are not far from another correction on BTC and thus alts will follow. We might have a double top on ETH; with the current run up as a leg B in a ABC correction. This would be invalidated if we can get to a new ATH for ETH in the next few days:
ETH 2017/2018 vs 2021; are we at the (local) top or do we have a long way to go? Share your opinion in the comments...
ETH UPDATE: short after all ;)

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