Is Ethereum Deead? Why the run down?

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A lot of people are asking the question, is Ethereum dead? In my opinion the answer is NO. I would like to address this from a technical and fundamental perspective but first I want to go in the strategy that I am using. If you follow me you know my primary crypto investing/trading strategy is using ladders to take a position. Right now my average price of entry is just above $300. Obviously, this does not work if I had been laddering in from 800, my average price would be in the 600 range more than likely. However, with an average price of 300, we still have a lot of options and we can go up just as fast as we go down. If you are in my shoes, it's rather painful. If you are trading forex, stop losses are necessary to use ladders, however in crypto I can go into hodl mode while we wait for a move up. Of course, this is risky if you believe Ethereum could go to 0 and I do not think that is the case. It also means you could be holding on to your Ether for an extended period of time.

First, why the run down? Is the answer just "because crypto? Maybe, the consensus seems to be at this point is that Eth can't scale, eth was only good for ICO's, etc.. If anyone has any other reasons, do share. It's my feeling that i would rather be invested in Ethereum , a crypto that has purpose. While Bitcoin is cool, Ethereum can do all the things BTC can, and be more. BTC has just been around longer so people have confidence in it. Think of it this way, what is backing the dollar? (Yes, libertarians I know the answer can be argued that it's nothing) The dollar has value because a country is backing it, business's use it, etc... it's not just a medium of exchange. I believe this is a huge difference from BTC and Ethereum , ETH can run ICO's, apps, etc.. What does BTC do? Just act as an exchange? There are plenty of long technical papers on the issue and differences between the 2, but in short that's my 2 cents.

Fundamentally it makes little sense for ETH to be going down based on the ETH scalability issue, or ICO issue.

1. Ethereum 2.0 is going to fix that and make ETH WAY better. Crypto, stocks, etc.. are all based on what the future holds and apparently crypto's just aren't acting that way about ETH. The only reason I can think of is "because crypto"

2. Ethereum futures . Ok, this is why I think it's stupid that so many people are short ETH right now. (see below ridiculous chart) Last year BTC went from 4.8k to 3k, and futures were announced around the same time. the CBOE is waiting on approval from the CFTC to launch ETH futures . What if ETH does the same move BTC did? That would put us around the ATH's for ETH, around $1,400. My $300 ETH position is going to seem awfully cheap if that happens.

Sep 09
Comment: The technicals.

You can see we are hitting mid 2017 levels before we had the massive bull run. I was surprised it went down this far with no rebound. While I don't think it will go past $150, this is crypto.

For a large run up, we HAVE to break this trendline.

Weekly Chart: We are hitting Oversold territory on RSI.
DAily. MACD did cross, but other we haven't been doing much
RSI. Check out that MASSIVE divergence and oversold state. Ridiculous.

Check out this ETH/BTC chart. Super oversold and we are almost at not just 2017 levels but 2016 levels. That should tell it's time for a rebound. Yeah, i have been saying it's due to come back. I have been early on my calls, but I laddered in my positions in preparation.

I am hodling, these are my reasons why. I do not believe Ethereum is dead. It's the 2nd largest and 2nd most used crypto out there.

Happy hodling,
Sep 09
Comment: We are getting some good movement on ETH. In blue is what I would like to see, the red is probably what we will see, cause crypto.

Sep 12
Comment: Finally getting some movement, we need to see it stay above 180 for a move up and ideally come up to the 190-200 before resting and moving up again.
Sep 12
Comment: We're testing 190 right now and poking through it. We need to get above 200 for a sustained move up. Once we break this large trendline we have a long ways up to go.

Sep 13
Comment: Folks, we are getting some welcomed movement on this ETH. We still aren't out of the woods yet, but this movement looks really good for the time being.

Sep 13
Comment: This ETH/USD trendline is very similar to the ETH/BTC trendline, we can gauge when ethusd will stall by when ETH/BTC hits this trendline which is more clearly defined than the ethusd trendline.

Sep 13
Comment: An interesting note about this move right now, ethusd shorts are really coming down. Also, expect some resistance once we get to the 300 area. Targetting 500 area, if not higher depending on what happens in the coming months

Sep 13
Comment: aren't really coming down*
Sep 14
Comment: If we zoom in, it appears that we are forming a bull flag/continuation triangle at the present moment.

Sep 19
Comment: update:
All my posts are not intended as financial advice, just me sharing what i am doing with my research and positions. Don't stress, pick your points and don't use leverage.
Looking better, currently on Bitfinex ETH volume is greater than BTC.
price movement coincides with the support line of the "small" falling wedge. We need volume to breakout and so far that's what we're getting. Let's not jinx it:)

Nice chart bro! I've also seen Dude's analysis on ETH that I really loved. You should check it out and see what you think!

I don't believe Ethereum is dead, i think he still have a bit of downside in the way
I have no interest in any Cryptos. I lost my butt on ETH buying at what I thought was reasonable support $370. We see how that turned out. I got out at $290 and learned a valuable lesson. As I watch this crypto, I feel so much better that I got out and didn't make my losses greater. I am, however, eying XRP and DOGE. I am looking for a gateway to fiat while still having the benefits of a decentralized currency marketplace. We need a virtual currency and not a platform which is why bitcoin remains the gold standard!
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Sherem biffbifford
@biffbifford, why doge? I mean it's a crypto that's literally just a meme and a copy of bitcoin.
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@Sherem, Because it's fueled by pure passion. The people in DOGE are radical lovers of the coin with HUGE hopes and dreams and if they can promote the token it might be worth huge returns with little investment. We are still in the infancy of ICO's. Do you really believe governments are going to allow "We the people" to side-step their banking system? They can print unlimited amounts of money and can short any crypto to kill it. I have watched Whales do it to gold and silver in real time! Think about this for a second. A 1964 Wahington quarter has a smelt value of about $2.50. This just happens to be about the same price as the national average of a gallon of gas. That means that value hasn't changed and prices have remained steady when priced in gold or silver. So the government's of the world did away with real money and produced paper in its stead. Now it takes 2 - one dollar bills and a .50 coin to buy gas. What we are buying now are sentiment and perceived value. People are looking to get rich because they feel cheated that they missed the first go around with these tokens, so what I am looking for are tokens that have HIGH SENTIMENT and fast transaction rates. DOGE fits these characteristics.
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ElPalomo biffbifford
@biffbifford, good call !!
Scotty_Crypn biffbifford
@biffbifford, I just responded to another post from you. Not trying to pick on you, really not. Even ignore my other post as that was kinda rude of me. Please don’t buy xrp or doge. Don’t do it. Yes it’s crypto and anything can happen but doge is not being update and xrp IS a security. I feel you have to play the most probable outcome and at worst eth is 50/50 but those other options are far worse.
Scotty_Crypn Scotty_Crypn
@Scotty_Crypn, I base eth being 50/50 on the fact long positions are currently at 55 and shorts at 45 along with my personal bias.
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