COINBASE:ETHUSD   Ethereum / U.S. Dollar
Please remember Cryptocurrency dose not work like forex and this is my personal view and based on my analysis and theory. Let us know what are your thoughts about this ETH?

I am expecting ETH to rocket up just like BTC as soon as the price breakout from resistance area , It will be good opportunity to hold/buy some ETH or if the price start falling, you can wait till it get to around to 340.0 area if that's the case then it will be good opportunity to buy some ETH while it's cheap and probably wont see this price again after the breakout. but personally i can't see ETH will fall around that price but who know?

I am expecting to see ETH bullish soon.
This is my personal view :)


Different pairs have different characteristics, but market structure repeats itself across all instruments, even cryptos. ✌🏻
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MicWoodsFX StewySongs
@StewySongs, Well said there
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I totally agreed with this.
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MicWoodsFX MichaelBoland31
@MichaelBoland31, Good to know! :)
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Let's see how it goes