ETH next move (short term)

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I know it is early, and I just gave an update yesterday. But bullish markets in crypto moves really fast. ETH is gonna have another last push up before retrace. The 4 hours is entering the oversold zone again, and the price has held beautifully. Please have a look at the res and supp drawn in the chart. I will buy either on the resistance break or on the 2880 supp (position entry 2900 - 2800). This is a quick trade that I will do with my spot money (active wallet) with a stop loss of around 2740. Check if that suits your strategy. 35000 is my target. Everything will be readjusted as we get along. This is a short term move. I just thought to share it to show you how things change quickly and how you need to act fast if you are an active trader.
this is educational material, I am laying out my play here for you to understand. always do your own research and stick to your strategies. trading is risky.
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Crazy trap today!
CFcryptoTA AlkalineFX
@AlkalineFX, Hi thank you so much for your comment...amazing profile by the way. Yes it wasn't as fast as i expected but I still see it coming today the 3400. Bears are fiding really hard to gain control and bulls are much more enthusiastica. However volume is lowering as we rise in the last few days, which is a red flag. I will defenitely take some profit at 3400, on top of the one i already taken. What do you think about eth right now?