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Don't actually do that LOL

I am convinced that this is a strong setup though, On the 4H we can see price broke through resistance and has now come back down to test it as support before bulls step back in and push price higher. On the monthly timeframe price broke through a trendline and has just come down to re test that as support and also price is at strong monthly support! So the only way i can see this going is up, line that in with the fact that DXY is also at strong resistance and the USD is de valuing at a rapid rate because the FED are just printing money like its going out of fashion (it actually is in this case) All roads point to USD getting weaker.

So yes put every last penny you have saved up on this trade :p (Again this is a joke, if you are stupid enough to do so then please don't sue me) HAHA.

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This is how you get burnt in the forex markets. The central banks don’t care about retail support and resistance. Just going off that you’ll never be profitable.
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@AdamRDFX, The banks dont care about trendlines and fibs like you show in your charts either. Just going off them you'll never be profitable x
Do you think this will still go up?
FreeForexSignals joewoodywood88
@joewoodywood88, I do yes x
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@FreeForexSignals, ok well I have a buy on this trade so fingers crossed x
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@joewoodywood88, It should never be "fingers crossed" when you place a trade, you should be sure about it x
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Doing this before NFP is dangerous
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@UnknownUnicorn5874786, Not with correct risk management it is not x
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Stop loss?
@fahad786_, Private message me.