FX_IDC:EURUSD   Euro / U.S. Dollar
Recently, we saw a significant drop on EURUSD and price after touching the strong support at 1.1660 (Weekly Low) stopped falling and started to retrace.

In the higher time frame (Daily) we can see the bullish candles with upside pressure.

In 4H chart, the descending trend line has been broken out to the upside and price has pulled back to it.
But, there is a resistance level at 1.1750 which price is struggling to fix above it but it hasn’t been successful yet.

On the other hand, the US dollar index ( DXY ) is about to get weak…

So, if price can close a bullish candle above 1.1750 and also breaks the last top at (1.1765 - 1.1770), we can expect a rise first to 1.18 and in the case of an upside breakout on this level, the next target would be 1.1850, otherwise, price will continue falling to 1.16

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