EURUSD - Day trade by Kelter channel 4/12/2020

FX:EURUSD   Euro / U.S. Dollar
* Signals are tested successfully for 3.5 years with a steady win rate year on year until now.

Risk: 1%.
* Backtest time: 3.5 years / Premium, varies between currency pairs (Cryto default backtest time is shorter since the market is open both Saturday and Sunday: about 2 years).
The price rule of EURUSD in 20,000 past H1 candles past:
- Upterm (Long): Buy
+ When the price crossing up (Crossover) the Upper line gives 1 point.
- Downterm (Short): Sell
+ When the price crossing down (Crossunder) the Lower line gives 1 point.
- 2 or more points (> = 2), the entry conditions are met
- The entry point for the highest winning rate: when the price adjusts to the Upper / Lower line, the order price is at the closing price of the adjustment candle.
- When the above conditions are met, the Indicator shows a Buy / Sell signal according to the trend.
- Maximum risk / reward winning ratio: 1 / 1.05
- Stoploss: Calculated from the entry point + - actual fluctuation with the formula ATR (20) * risk ratio (risk).
- Profit: Calculated from the entry point + - actual fluctuation by the formula ATR (20) * reward ratio (reward).
- Profit: So the product has a stable profit of over 30% / year.
- Should backtest 3 Years (long term), every Year (medium term) and quarterly or 6 months (short term). If each year the success rate is always over 50%, it can be used for real trade.