Breakout Identified in EURUSD BUY

FX:EURUSD   Euro / U.S. Dollar

1.17148 - 1.1761 Add to Watch List
Signal ID: 73897
Time Issued: Thursday, 05 November 2020 07:25:16 GMT
Status: open
Entry: 1.17148 - 1.1761
Limit: 1.18142
Stop Loss: 1.16331

The Breakout Opportunities system has just bought EURUSD at 1.17433. The system recommends entering this trade at any price between 1.17148 and 1.1761. The signal was issued because the EURUSD has broken its 24-hour high while our Speculative Sentiment Index was at -1.67778, suggesting that the EURUSD may have further to rise. A stop loss has been set at the 24-hour low of 1.16294 and a profit target has been set at the 1 Day ATR level at 1.18142. The system will move the stop to the next 24-hour low every time that 24-hour low is higher than the previous 24-hour low. Breakout Opportunities is a breakout strategy that aims to catch the significant moves that typically happen when currencies break through technical support or resistance.

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