DXY and EXY correlates negatively !! EUR/USD SHORT

TVC:EXY   Euro Currency Index
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In the 1h chart we can see a negative correlation between DXY and EXY .

While DXY broke out of the falling wedge with a nice kick, we saw EXY break out of the rising wedge .
In the Dollar index I see a nice bottom formation with HLs and a HH. In the Euro Index we can see a top formation with LLs and LH !

My trading plan for this week: EUR/USD SHORT

I would like to mention that all I post are just options and my own opinion !
Always trade with SL, and do not risk more than 1% of your portfolio (max 3%) per trade.

Unfortunately, my english is not so good and I work with google translate, but if you have any questions I will be happy to answer them .

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TR7z Floxydaxi
@Floxydaxi, glad to hear that
why does the dxy shows a live candle countdown while the rest like exy does not?
TR7z louai
@louai, HY, no intention, wrongly set
Thanks, hadn't been looking at that pair
TR7z cantremeber
@cantremeber, if you are interested, I can post more euro usd pairs innside
@TR7z hi, yes I'd appreciate if you post some follow ups of the pair and progress updates on your short position, thank you
TR7z cantremeber
@cantremeber, 1 post mor.check it up
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TR7z cantremeber
@cantremeber, yes.but im only make datrades in forex.
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TR7z cantremeber
@cantremeber, If you are trading swings I would focus on 0.5 and 0.618 and max.786 retracement .nice day
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