Potential killzones on EasyJet (1d) and airlines overview

It's impossible for me to predict what will happen with EasyJet. So, I'm showing two potential killzones on a daily time frame.

My probability estimate is for further moves south. I think the issues here are about entry points, for those who missed the deep dive. It's dangerous though at this time.

Globally all civilian commercial airlines are in deep trouble (except Boeing perhaps). Govts and central banks simply cannot bail them all out. Air traffic will be seriously reduced over the next year. We can therefore expect further travel south for EZJ and other airlines. Berkshire Hathaway just closed on $50 Billion in losses on airline stocks.

If one is shorting EZJ and other stocks much 'bottle' is required to suffer the vacillations in price. It's unlikely to be a smooth travel south.

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