FCPO 10 Sept 2021 : Break support

FCPO is dynamic..

1. Yesterday's price have a strong bearish movement in the morning session followed by rejection in 15min TF and formed a tweezer bottom at 5min TF.
2. Bullish does not have momentum after 15min TF has a bearish engulfing pattern.
3. Price rejected EMA14 multiple times with a bearish engulfing pattern indicate strong sellers.
4. Today morning price has another significant bearish engulfing and rejected again EMA14.
5. Price break support zone shows strong seller.

The entry :
1. Confirmation price breakout support @ 15min TF.
2. 15min price pullback with rejection CS
3. 5min have a bearish engulfing pattern.
4. Set sell limit order at the open rejection CS of 15min TF.
5. SL set using 1xATR for 5min TF from the last high of rejection CS .