FX:GBPAUD   British Pound / Australian Dollar
From an early age the government have you brainwashed into a negative mindset (although they portray it as positive) They want you to do well in school, go university, buy houses with a massive mortgage and get things like cars on finance just so you get in debt and have to stay stuck in that low paid dead end job that you hate... Working to make others rich, and you dont even get to enjoy these luxury's as you are working all hours under the sun just to put food on the table... Sound familiar?

Well break out of that mindset and you will break out that way of life, cant even call it a life... just surviving fits better.

Basically you need to unlearn what you were taught, i can help you do that if you send me a message, i will kick that negative mindset of yours into next year.

Now looking at the chart we can see a trend line thats been touched 100000000s of times so this will be weak and most likely break upon the next touch, we can also see a strong resistance level that also comes at the 3rd touch of a weekly descending trend line if you zoom out and draw that on yourself.

So we are looking for bulls to push price upto resistance and bears to push price down from this level, only when price reaches resistance will we be looking for sell trades.

Trade safely people.