(4h) Approaching a "Wave" - Forecasting eventual Shark @ ext.

FX_IDC:GBPCHF   British Pound / Swiss Franc

With a "BC" wave closing below the 38% after kissing the 50's, we can expect a strong bearish "CD wave".
My first "landing platform" at next fib retracement level, the 50% retracement (blue fib), confluence zone between 127% first wave (AB) extension (or external extension), and 161% second wave ( BC ) extension (or alternate extension) - This forges a Cluster Zone.
The Bullish Shark @ 224% pattern extension is also a reference, (check the Shark Special Guide link below) and below it, the AB=CD pattern very close to the 618 retracement , 161% wave (A) extension, and 261% extended Shark point D - next cluster (let's call it one extended one).

Note this is the top of daily chart structure...

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