FX:GBPUSD   British Pound / U.S. Dollar
Today is one of those days gbp is going to test your patience. I say that because in the beginning of the NY session we see a lot of rapid moves and reversals from the 2 levels i have marked on my chart. Lets dive in a bit:

So first off, we are going to establish the commanding trend right now and believe it or not, that trend is upwards transitioning to sideways. This is because we broke the downtrend with strong upwards movement. This being said allows us to be more favored towards longs ONLY IF we see supporting price action to our set ups.

LONGS: So if i want to enter a long, i need to see a bounce at the bottom level with strong upward momentum... it can be difficult to judge this rapid movement provided by the pair so im probably going to wait for a more structured move and let the pair loose a little bit of volatility to minimize risk.
If we bounce on bottom, we can potentially rise back to the resistance and hope to see a break of said resistance and ONLY then will entering a long be less risky.

SHORTS: As for entering shorts, if we see that price is pushing much harder to the downside we can prepare to enter a short, eventually hoping to break the support, retest it, OR have a strong bearish candle close below the support followed by another strong bearish candle.

Im essentially waiting for price to become more structured to take a position, although we can scalp the chart either direction in this price channel , it is far more risky to do that since this pair likes to make sharp moves especially at this time of the session.

Trade safe Snipers, Like the IDEA if it makes some sense or if you appreciate my analysis; i really appreciate the support guys :)