Gann Fann Appreciation Post, plus a word on Charity

NYSE:GME   GameStop Corporation
I just started messing around with this little tool in the last month or so, and it's really interesting what it shows. Kind of incredible, really.

There's an amazing amount of shadiness happening in the background with $gme, so predicting price action in the short term is going to be difficult. All I can say is that this isn't going to be comfortable for individuals or institutions with over-leveraged short positions. How long it might take is hard to say, but this is going to be historic one way or the other.

For all apes hodling with diamond hands, I'm really impressed with you all. You're really doing an amazing thing and your fortitude commands a lot of respect.

I love that you're adopting gorillas, buying game consoles for kids in hospitals, and all the other good things I see you doing. If I have the good fortune to realize the returns we seem to have coming to us, I'm going to donate to three charities. If you are looking for good ones to give to you might consider these: : This is an organization of attorneys pushing for wrongly convicted people to have their cases reviewed and get them released. It's an expensive undertaking, and they need help.

Fight Malaria through : The cost of saving a human life has been discovered. You can do it, too. Nowhere near as expensive as you'd think. For more info, this article is pretty good : This one is pretty famous, but their work is crucially important for research into the prevention and treatment of pediatric cancers.

Hats off to you, apes. Hold the line. We go moon.