Golem Breaks Downtrend | Massive Volume | 115%+ Target Mapped

BINANCE:GNTBTC   Golem / Bitcoin
Golem ( GNTBTC ) printed yesterday a very strong bullish candle and gave out multiple strong bullish signals... Let's take a quick look at those...
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Golem ( GNTBTC ) Bullish Chart Signals

  • First, we have the biggest volume bar for GNTBTC since August 2019, signaling the start of a new wave.
  • Prices managed to break EMA50 (yellow) and EMA100 (purple) in one single candle after EMA10 (green) was conquered.
  • The RSI is very strong.
  • The MACD is fully bullish and allows for additional growth.
  • Notice the black trendlines on the chart, these have been fully conquered as well.
  • New ATL (All-Time Low) hit just days ago. A strong bullish move like the one we saw yesterday after a new ATL is hit is a strong bullish signal.

As you can see, we have many signals telling us that Golem will now start to grow. EMA100 is the main resistance/ support level to look at right now.

If EMA100 can be conquered, GNTBTC can grow from here (green arrow).
If EMA100 is rejected, then we will see prices move lower (red arrow), but we remain bullish as another attempt to move up will follow...

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Comment: This one is looking really nice... Here we are looking at ~90%... Enjoy the profits.
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it crosses the EMA100, this is a buy signal right? we follow the green signal
@IsmailBi, Depends on how you look at it and your trading strategy.

A break above EMA10 can also be a buy signal.
Exellent !
+1 Reply
alanmasters AlextheBlack
@AlextheBlack, Thanks.
You have a head full of ideas!!!
Tanks a lot !
+2 Reply