OkCash Enters Bulls Territory, Potential 239% Follows...

BITTREX:OKBTC   Okcash / Bitcoin
OkCash ( OKBTC ) is now challenging MA200 on the daily timeframe , this is a major resistance and last time it was conquered it led to huge growth for this pair.

Yesterday we saw the first candle challenge MA200 and prices for OKBTC are now trying to conquer this level.

Once OKBTC is safely trading above MA200, you can expect a nice jump and great profits.

Conditions for change
If MA200 can't be conquered, you can expect prices to retrace (red arrow) and then try to challenge MA200 again (blue arrow).

This chart is looking good and this pair has great potential long-term.
Remember that patience is key to win.

Thanks a lot for reading.

Comment: TARGET:

1) 0.00000444 |Hit 21-Feb. (+28%)
2) 0.00000555 |Hit 25-Feb. (+59%)
3) 0.00000610 |Hit 25-Feb. (+75%)
4) 0.00000777 |Hit 25-Feb. (+123%)
*) 0.00000810 |Hit 25-Feb. (+133%)

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