AMEX:GORO   Gold Resource Corporation
*My team digs deep and finds stocks that are expected to perform well based off multiple confluences*

*Experienced traders understand the uphill battle in timing the market, so instead my team focuses mainly on risk management*

Recap: My team has been analyzing $GORO for the past couple months. We're long in gold and silver (which are produced by $GORO) this summer due to the US dollar continuing to weaken. We opened our long position in $GORO on 6/8/21 at $2.85 but the trade hit our stop loss at $2.60 and my team has been sitting on the sidelines ever since.

Today my team is taking another shot at $GORO. This time we expect nothing less than success. My team entered $GORO today at $2. 05 per share.

Our first take profit remains $4.90.

OUR ENTRY: $2. 05

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