$GPX June Update

*This is not financial advice, so trade at your own risks*

*My team digs deep and finds stocks that are expected to perform well based off multiple confluences*

*Experienced traders understand the uphill battle in timing the market, so instead my team focuses mainly on risk management*

We have had eyes on $GPX for some time now.

$GPX provides training, e-learning solutions, management consulting, and engineer services to the following companies: Automotive, financial services, insurance , steel, oil , gas, power, chemicals, electronics, education, software, healthcare, retail, food and beverage industries, as well as government agencies.

A large portion of the industries that $GPX provides services for are currently on the rise. $GPX has been handling their financials spectacularly and have paved a way for a bright future if their operations continue to run smoothly.

My team has been scoping for a long $GPX entry for the past few weeks, and we have finally found our target.

We're entering $GPX tomorrow morning 6/15/21 at $16.09 per share.

Entry: $16.09
First take profit: $19.5
2nd take profit: $23
Stop loss: $15.25

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Comment: We're out of this trade after it hit our stop loss on 6/18/21 at $15.25.
We still believe in $GPX but are sitting out for now.