Dax to 20.000 points? #dax #dax30 #grxeur #tradingview

Dax to 20.000 points #dax #dax30 #grxeur #tradingview

Real economy? What is that?
National debt? Nobody is interested!
Tax losses? ECB helps out!
Basic Law? Is restricted! Who Care's?
pension system? We live in the here and now!
Pension scheme? Shares are devil's stuff, buy government bonds & insurance!
Proportionality of measures? Where no prosecutor, there is no judge!

The social system is in the bucket, the economy is broken, government bonds are worth nothing more. Save yourself who can.
The flight into at present still liquid real assets is in full swing.
If no party on the weekend then at least during the week at the stock exchange.

(Remember a Story of my grandmother Rosa (1907 - 1999) and her sister Aunt Ida (1916 -2007) - God rest her soul.
Makes it best like the fox and the wolf that fill up their stomachs at the Farmers cellar.
Eat yes, but test again and again if you still fit enough to come through the cellar window.
At least that's how the fox did it, because when the landlord (farmer) finishes the eating party, the wolf is shot because he has turned to fat, and only the fox fits through the window.
So when the next round is played on the dance floor, we dance along, but always have the cellar door and the cellar window in view.

Greeting from Hannover

Stefan Bode
Comment: Sl to 12.269 and so SL-halving.
Zins oder Dividende? Aktien oder Anleihen? Was sind Wandeloptionsanleihen?
Immobilien oder Rohstoffe?
Sind Lebensversicherungen sicher?
Geld richtig investieren!


I mean, I totally agree that there IS something terribly wrong, it´s all in your argument. And THAT, I agree. But 20k? Sure, eventually ... But there will be a big crash in between ...
@ttk100, yes, if we can't jump in the next days above 13.800 than you are right and we have to short the market cause than 5.000 points possible.
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How do you ever make money? R.I.P. , Stefan
@ttk100, haha, Look at the last 5 Dax trades under the chart ;-). 4 of 5. Political uncorrect greetings from Hanover.