Is HLI next to find one of these price targets?

NYSE:HLI   Houlihan Lokey, Inc
Here is another interesting pick. In the case of HLI , 4 of my algorithms signaled a BUY on April 16, 2021. Equities nearly always obey the signal and move up, but sometimes it may continue to move down first. We are not quite past the point of the stock charting a permanent course higher as I have laid out, but it is off to a good start.

I have placed two red boxes and two green boxes on the chart. The larger red box depicts all of the historical movement, from a percentage standpoint, that this stock has moved on the Daily chart after a BUY signal occurred. Therefore, this box represents 100% of previous movement downward before the stock finally moved upward. The smaller red box represents 50% of all historical movement downward, before the stock moved upward. The smaller box is more of a precise target for the potential bottom in this instance.

The green boxes represent the same thing. In this instance, the smaller green box would be my projected target for the final top. I would consider the movement a success once it reaches a level equivalent with the bottom of the smaller green box. This may happen earlier or later the box that is outlined, but the most like location is in this box.

The black dotted arrow represents median historical movement. Medians are a good metric, but they are just one of many I use when forecasting future movement.

As always, the stock could rise the very next bar after the signal without looking back (therefore the red boxes would not come into play) or the stock may never rise (and the green boxes may never come into play).

All statistics and the full analysis are available for free as always at the site below.

All statistics and the full analysis are available for free as always at the site below.
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