HOLO Work of a major market participant in the downward channel

HITBTC:HOTBTC   Holo / Bitcoin
The chart shows the logic of a large market participant in a descending channel using the Holo (HOT) coin as an example. At the moment, 103rd place in terms of coinmarketcap capitalization.

Everything is shown in detail and described on the graph. Remember, with the correct understanding of the work, the one who adapts always has the opportunity to earn much more in% ratio for the one who controls the price.

Be less greedy for others and, as a result, you will be an order of magnitude richer.

Forget once and for all the fairy tales of widely circulated books on the topic of trading for the management of the masses, that the totality of actions of small market participants direct the price. This is only partially true. Manipulative substitution of concepts. Small market participants (fuel of price movement) are always directed to make certain price movements depending on the desires and rationality of the actions of a limited small number of market participants.

The bulk of market participants always lose, it's only a matter of time. If these characters of the trading game win, it is only in order to fulfill the unconscious task of the minority. There are basic management tools in trading borrowed from the religions of controlling the masses through instinctive weakness and fear. Money and the desire to own it is the most powerful religion. The weaker the participant in the trading game and the less prepared he is, the more his desires are inflated. This is used in their management. The crypto market is a controlled horde of very poor and greedy people. The low threshold of "entering the market" makes it possible to pump into it a lot of rapidly burning "fuel" (weak market participants).

Playing along with the crowd in what it believes in and what it wants, the illusion of understanding the ongoing process is created. The task of large market participants is to further raise the price for the euphoria of small participants (decrease in the number of sales, growth of faith in the "retention" of the traded asset, growth of faith in TA rules). The end result is always the same, regardless of the instrument being traded and the market. Most always lose.

Wake up from the imposed programmed illusions of algorithmic behavior in the market by the rules of the minority.

Check out the attached trading ideas. Also I have over 50 trading / learning ideas on this site. I show all training on a live chart on my trading ideas, I have no wangs and witchcraft of success in the history of the chart. Develop, acquire knowledge and experience. Upgrade them for real trade. Less theory, more practice. Theory without practice is zero.

Trading is a higher psychology, understanding the desires of people and as a result of their future actions using numbers and a graph without contact with people themselves. Pump your mind and collect experience
Comment: Breakout of the downtrend. Locally the "rising flag" Impulse + 115% is fulfilled. Movement is developing # Profit #HOT
Comment: +610%

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