Upward movement coming for Holo(HOT)

Holo (HOT) at the moment is in the last downward movement of the 4th wave, the wave we are actually in, so I've put my buy orders between the 61.8 and 66% retracement of the 3rd wave(0.00000023) .This level for me is key because here you have
-Golden pocket retracement
-Top of wave 1
-C wave of 4 we're in will be a 100% extension of A wave of 4
Knowing that as wave 3 is extended,wave 5 could be same lenght as wave 1, I'm gong to take 50% of profits at that level(0.00000040) and if we manage to go higher I'll have a look to the second target which is 161.8% of wave 1 (0.00000051), 'cause you don't want to take profit and lose a potential 3rd wave extension ( if we count this as a 1-2-i-ii instead of a 1-2-3-4).
This is a quite risky trade 'cause you could miss the move if price doesn't retrace to the 23 level, because we pretend wave 4 to kiss wave 1, so I have a smaller buy order a 25.
Stop loss could be at 19-20 because a wick is "allowed" into price 1 territory.
Hope to read your comments and ask to your questions.

31tc01n rul35!