HSI market prediction for 13 to 17 December 2021

TVC:HSI   Hang Seng Index
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Also, the future might change anytime and everything won't go as what we predicted, so please accept this analysis as an entertainment, don't be serious about fail prediction or wrong concept and prediction. Thank you.

Analysis Start

We want to talk about current market conditions and forecasts for the next week (13-17 December).

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From the current point of view, the rebound from 30/12/21 has reached 4.96% volatility , so profit-taking, that is, short-term adjustment, may be carried out at present. And we use a special method to calculate that there will be a change date in the next 17 December 2021 (Friday). Assuming that this calculation is correct, then we propose two hypotheses about future trends based on this possibility:

The first point is that the overall market will undergo a short-term adjustment of nearly 1.90% to 2.10%. As long as the index does not break through 23800, then the second phase of the upward trend may begin. So will the market adjustment continue until 17 December 2021, or will the second wave of upward trend end in 17 December 2021? We will continue to observe and update the data to inform you.

The second point is that the market will build the bottom of W. In order to make the later rise more powerful, a substantial adjustment will be made, and there will be a second bottom on 17 December 2021. Then a real upward trend will begin. However, just like the information we shared before, it is expected that there will be a head and shoulders bottom before 24 January 2022, and then the upward trend will begin.

08 June 2018 to 04 Jan 2019

28 June 2021 to 24 January 2022
For the future trend, I found some intresting idea again, and i want to share with you all.

In Stock market, you may know a wisdom is that History always repeat

From 08 June 2018 to 04 Jan 2019, HSI market experience a down trend at least 210days, four down trend, and a head and shoulder trend at low place, then start a new uptrend.

If you compare to the HSI trend when start from 28 June 2021, you will find that two period of trend are almost same.

So, the clue is that, if the history will really happen repeatedly, it means that start from next week would probably has a small rebounce first. Then test the bottom resistance again, at least two time, then start a uptrend next year January 2022.

This is our forecast for the next week (13-17 December), but please remember that the market is changing from time to time, and the forecast is not necessarily accurate. Therefore, we must also pay attention to market news and stock market changes at any time.


At last, all the prediction above IS MERELY AN OPNION, and probably won't go as we predicted, so please jsut accept all this prediction as a entertainment .

Hope all of you may gain more and more profit in Stock market, good luck
Comment: Sorry about that, the change date might probably 15 DEC 2021(WED).
Alert, Top signal appeared, so the trend might probably go a bit downtrend or sideway retracement. AND, 15 DEC 2021 is the date of change

Oversold Signal (light purple) appeared, and the bottom of the market appeared too, there might has a downtrend again in this week, probably will go down until 23178 if break through the basic support 23335. Then might has a short period of rebounce again. Will update the information after Federal Reserve Meeting at 16 DEC 2021
Since the result of Federal Reserve Meeting at 16 DEC 2021 was under expectation, we may find that the trend has stopped go downtrend. No more oversold signal, and also, Divergence of RSI has appeared.

If the trend can go more higher than today and does not break through the candle today, we may consider a short period of rebounce will appear in future.

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