ICP/USDT Triangle. Zones of reversal levels.

The price is kept squeezed with minimal volatility in an uptrend. A triangular formation has formed (upward triangle) with a base of 80%. The price is squeezed into a corner. The denouement will happen soon. Zones of levels from which further trend development depends on are indicated with arrows.

Coin in the Coinmarket: Internet Computer ICP

For general information, but not for trading. Who has some basic knowledge of gematria and is familiar with the beliefs of non-public "religions", I think noticed the message about numerical values of levels. This is observed only for a few known highly liquid crypto-assets ( BTC ETH XRP XLM ATOM BCH TRX ), apparently the "owners" of ICP are from this fraternity. This indirectly makes it clear that this cryptocurrency has "immunity from vaporization" and certain people have a non-speculative plan for it.

Previous trade idea on this coin (reversal of this trend).
ICP/USDT levels to work with.
Comment: Breakdown of the resistance of the triangle and now there is a slight rollback to the mirror level. A similar trading situation as on the ETH / USDT pair on February 7, 2021 with a breakout of the level of 1444. Note, today is also the 7th day, exactly 7 months ago.
Comment: pullback after a false triangle breakdown exactly to the level of 55.06.
Comment: The pair to the dollar. A local potential double-bottom with the support of the inner channel (the set of a large player) was formed. Also, if the market will allow and this reversal zone (the second minimum of the double bottom) will not be confirmed - lowering of the price in the support zone of the internal channel. Pay attention to the ICP/BTC pair, where the breakthrough of the accumulation channel support occurs, so as not to raise the price of the ICP/USDT pair (growth of the BTC/USD price +35%). This happens on many trading instruments, this is the simple logic of the actions of large market participants (various cryptocurrencies and test cryptocurrencies for the system).

Understand the logic of how big market players work (smart money) and how they take money away from small market participants (stupid money) - you will be financially happy and calm of triviality of repetition of what is happening.
Comment: Local breakdown. Potential reversal zone. Stopping the price level of 40.4. The 44 zone is now being broken through. This is one of the recruitment zones (the main one).

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