ICON 2.0 Possible coming week ready . SEP WILL BE THE ICON MONTH

Hello trading friends,

✅With a new update for ICX, and that ICX going on a good way to double 100% or more
THE NEW waiting ICON 2.0 and other updates that are coming will make a difference, we expecting a huge increase trend in the coming time, and this is not for nothing. we did it before with more coins, IOTX last one, and more than 10 others with doubling the trend, by good scanning the coins and the reason of the increase, and now we have ICX. and this coin will go to the moon depending on our study.

More reason why we expect an increasing trend, one of the reasons the DCA of whales, what means there is something to happen, and I will be not shocked if this coin also gets listed on Coinbase.

✅This is our expectations and our vision to this coin, you as trader investors should always do your study and manage your risk

Have a great day.