The Global Reset will crash economy for digital dollar

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If you haven't figured it out yet. The markets are bought up by the US government. They are the largest shareholder with trillions of fake money pumped into markets. There is an actual government organization called the PPT that was put into place to keep markets from crashing.

The organization has evolved to basically buy stocks all day to keep inflating stock market to inflate consumer confidence. This is basically an unnatural market. The scam works like this. The government prints fake money to buy stocks and when these are sold by investors the fake money becomes real money and makes an impact in the economy as a large portion of it is recirculated into economy.

That being said. A major event is likely planned by the government to crash stock market as an attempt to mandate a digital dollar currency. Bitcoin is likely an experiment of the US government as well.

Long story short. Either the governments plan will work or God will reak havoc and end the manipulation before this happens. Even if we go digital God will have the last laugh. Even though he wouldn't laugh if you know what I mean.

Markets can get irrational even more and go way beyond the thick red line even into 17k territory but let's hope this ends quicker then that