IZO:CSE - Izotropic Corporation: Inverse head and shoulders

IZO:CSE - Izotropic Corporation: After a strong 950% move last July- October, Izotopic stock has consolidated in a healthy range for over 120 days (nearly 6 months). In the last two months the stock has formed a nearly textbook Inverse head and shoulders pattern, potentially signalling a next leg higher coming in the near term.
Fundamentals for the company continue to strengthen as the strive to bring their Life changing Breast Cancer screening technology through the FDA approval Process as efficiently as possible. The past 6 months has seen plenty of additions of All-Star board members , consultants and even a promotion of an experienced VP to CEO. The consolidation and sideways trading looks to be from Two Private Placements done a lower prices in the fall coming free trading, it took some time to trade through the 9 million shares that were issued in the fall, but in the past 6 months over 15 million shares have traded out in between 1.00 and 1.30, showing plenty of buyers willing to clear up this Private placement overhang.

A quick look into the company's founders and board members show a fully capable team of delivering this amazing technology to market.

In my opinion the next 12 -18 months is going to have a exponential increase in the stock price, $500 million USD market cap is easily a bottom target for this companies valuation with $1 billion + valuations possible in optimistic scenarios. The company currently trades at a ~$50 million CAD valuation (42 million shares) or ~$70 million fully diluted with all currently issued warrants and options exercised (60 million shares)