KCS/USDT 1hr SETUP - Poss Bullish Retest & S/R Flip!

KUCOIN:KCSUSDT   KuCoin Token / Tether
Chart is pretty self explanatory.

KCS is in a macro ascending triangle pattern and broke above the 200 SMA on the 1hr-- the 200 on the 4hr acted as resistance, and now it's retesting a very significant Support/Resistance level. If it can hold this level, expect upside.

This is an aggressive buy at the bottom of a macro pattern. Higher risk, higher reward - potentially a strong mid term hold (assuming bull rally continues).

Kucoin has been getting a lot more attention recently, especially in the US, as Binance is now requiring KYS for all users (effectively banning all users in restricted countries who had been getting by with a VPN ).
Kucoin is the only good exchange that offers margin trading and a lot of small cap alts (and XRP lol) to the US market.

My trading group has been posting a lot more Kucoin setups in recent weeks/months, and with these insane small cap pumps, I expect more S-coin traders to get involved too. So I'm bullish on Kucoin as a mid term hold.

happy trades,