Selfkey Resumes Its Uptrend? Strong Bounce | 215%+ Possible

Our last chart for Selfkey ( KEYBTC ) turned out to be way different from what we expected... and prices went much higher than the last target and hit 350%+... You can see it here:
After such a strong move of course comes the correction... Now we have KEYBTC starting to bounce after it found support.

Where was this support found?
Exactly at MA200 (black line).

  • KEYBTC is now trading above EMA10/50/100.
  • The next target is sitting at 28 satoshis or EMA200.

Anyways, above the blue dashed line, we get a bullish close.
Below this line, we remain bullish but prices can consolidate or move lower before going up.

There is also the possibility of another drop, there is still no volume . If volume comes in then this move is very likely to be confirmed, but with no volume , it can quickly reverse.

On a drop, nothing happens... The overall view is bullish as long as the last low (red dashed line) remains. Even if prices move lower and the uptrend is broken, there will be a strong bounce and a new one will form.

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I made a terrible mistake entering at 25 satoshis without a stoploss. Now just riding the fall back down to maybe 12 satoshis? I'm trapped. Lesson learned.
Would you please Update selfkey (Key)?
AlanSantana Salama2016
@Salama2016, This chart is valid, hit play.
How. Much it will takes to go above 35 satoshi
AlanSantana SAcryptopak
@SAcryptopak, Patience.
+1 Reply
SAcryptopak AlanSantana
@AlanSantana, ok sir
Thanks Master