Red Pulse Phoenix Binance Correction Almost Over | 135% Ahead

BINANCE:PHBBTC   Red Pulse Phoenix Binance / Bitcoin
Red Pulse Phoenix Binance ( PHBBTC ) is correcting after a very strong bullish wave... This correction is almost over.

Take a look at the black trendlines , as soon as these are broken, we can see PHBBTC moving higher.

We are also looking at the ATL ( All-Time Low) which is marked with a red dashed line. This support heald back in August and September 2019. Right now PHBBTC is trading within these same levels. If it holds, we can see an impulse move to the upside.

Keep an eye on this chart, as soon as the trendline breaks, it is time for this altcoins pair to grow.

Thanks a lot for reading.

Comment: This one is almost ready...
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